Empowering Adults on the Spectrum at Dogtopia

The Dogtopia Foundation focuses on three key initiatives: Service Dogs for Returned Veterans, Children’s Education, and Employing Adults on the Spectrum. In honor of April being Autism Awareness Month, we wanted to showcase three Dogtopians dedicated to employing adults on the spectrum in their own daycares.

Three team members from different Dogtopia daycares are quoted below, stating how much of an asset it has been to employ individuals on the spectrum.

Art Prediger, Owner, Dogtopia of Dulles

“We have three employees on the spectrum, and they are huge contributors to the team. They understand the job and how to work through decisions while managing dog behaviors. They are reliable and often eager to pick up extra shifts. What I’ve really come to appreciate is how they each have a special knack for lifting the staff whenever it’s most needed. Everyone on our team loves them.”

Diane Foos, Owner, Dogtopia of Rocklin

“Employing someone on the autism spectrum is easier than you think! Our location has worked with 10 adults on the spectrum so far through internships and paid employment. Every single one of them is highly intelligent with a lot to offer, and the benefits of having them on our team are countless!”

Andy Knights, General Manager, Dogtopia of South Chandler

“As a leader in building a positive and beneficial culture, I have found that the employees on the spectrum directly reflect those values. They are honest, loyal, and hard working.  Our ASD employees create a positive environment for our clients and their teammates, while performing the essential duties both safely and efficiently.  They are an integral part of our team. “

We are committed to empowering individuals with on the spectrum to learn, grow and build their career at Dogtopia.