Dogtopia Foundation Works to Accommodate Individuals with Autism in Dogtopia Daycares

April is National Autism Awareness Month. It is a time to recognize and celebrate the unique strengths and abilities of individuals on the spectrum.  

As a part of our Noble Cause, Dogtopia and the Dogtopia Foundation support employment programs for adults with autism by employing individuals with autism in daycares across North America.  

Our hope is through quality employment programs, adults with autism will experience a higher quality of life and increased self-determination through their success at work. When given the opportunity, individuals with ASD can bring a unique perspective and understanding to a work environment. One person’s unique strengths may be a game-changer for an employer or an entire organization.  

Additionally, the support and accommodations that help an individual with ASD be successful in the workplace are likely beneficial for all employees. Employees with autism also provide an employer with loyal employees who tend to have lower attrition rates and fewer absences.  

Diane Foos, Owner of the Dogtopia of Rocklin quoted below, states how much of an asset it has been to employ individuals on the spectrum.  

“Employing adults with autism has been a huge benefit for us. They bring so much to the table. They bring joy and they love what they do, but they also take their jobs very seriously. We have a lot of visual aids and technology in place to support them, but those additional supports have also benefitted our entire team.”  

We are committed to empowering individuals on the spectrum to learn, grow and build their careers at Dogtopia.